Open Sea Studio | A New York City-Based Video Production Company
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Open Sea Studios is a New York City-based video production company that specializes in commercial advertising.  We produce commercials, promos, music videos and short/long narratives.  Please feel free to let us know about a project that you’re working on or an idea that you have.  We work with clients who share our affiliation with the following values:


The quality of our work speaks to the following values: minimalism, simplicity, artistry and efficiency.  We believe that design is an equation that can be broken down into a basic, pure form.  The elimination of distractions allow for the message of the work to speak loudest.  We work with clients who value what we create.


The manner in which we practice our craft speaks to the following values: adventure, progression and innovation.  We believe that if something is to grow it has to be willing to change and adapt.   Our best work and most growth comes from a place of vulnerability.  Our goal is to exceed expectations but that takes risk.  We work with clients who want more.


Our relationship with clients speaks to the following values: authenticity, honesty, trustworthiness, and assurance.  The client-studio dynamic works best when it is based on trust.  A mutual agreement based on clear expectations is extremely important to accomplish a common goal.  We work with clients who trust us to do what we do best.